How To Use Zomato Credits in 2024

Want to make the most of your Zomato Credits in 2023? You're in luck! This guide will show you how to use your credits effectively, from checking your balance to applying them to your order.

Discover tips and tricks for maximizing discounts and even redeeming credits for gift cards.

Get ready to elevate your dining experience with Zomato Credits!

Key Takeaways

  • Earning Zomato credits rewards loyalty and engagement with the platform.
  • Zomato credits can be used to get discounts on favorite restaurants.
  • Zomato credits can be managed and checked through the Zomato app.
  • Maximizing Zomato credits can be done by taking advantage of special promotions, offers, and referral programs.

Understanding Zomato Credits

To fully utilize Zomato Credits in 2023, you need to have a clear understanding of how they work.

Earning credits is a simple process that rewards you for your loyalty and engagement with the Zomato platform. Every time you place an order or write a review, you earn credits that can be used towards future purchases. The more you engage with the app, the more credits you accumulate, providing you with discounts and savings on your favorite restaurants.

Using credits is even easier. When you're ready to make a purchase, simply select the option to use your credits at checkout. The applicable amount will be deducted from your total, allowing you to enjoy your meal while saving money.

With this understanding, you can make the most out of your Zomato Credits in 2023.

Checking Your Zomato Credits Balance

To keep track of your Zomato Credits balance, you can easily check it within the app by following these simple steps.

  1. Open the Zomato app on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  2. Once you're logged in, tap on the 'Profile' icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. From there, select the 'Wallet' option.
  4. Here, you'll be able to see your current Zomato Credits balance.

It's important to note that managing expired Zomato Credits is also possible through this feature. If you have any credits that are about to expire, you can view the expiration date and plan your usage accordingly.

Additionally, transferring Zomato Credits to a friend is a convenient option. Simply select the 'Transfer' button and follow the prompts to complete the transfer securely.

Applying Zomato Credits to Your Order

You can easily apply your Zomato Credits to your order by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Open the Zomato app on your device and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Browse through the list of restaurants and select the one you want to order from.
  • Step 3: Add the items you want to your cart and proceed to the checkout page.
  • Step 4: On the checkout page, you'll see an option to apply your Zomato Credits.
  • Step 5: Click on the option and enter the amount of credits you want to apply to your order.
  • Step 6: Once you have entered the desired amount, click on the 'Apply' button.
  • Step 7: The credits will be deducted from your total order amount, and you can proceed to complete the payment.

These steps can be followed not only for regular orders but also for applying Zomato Credits to subscription plans or using them for restaurant reservations. It's a convenient way to make the most of your credits and enjoy great savings on your favorite food.

Maximizing Zomato Credits for Discounts

One way to get the most out of your Zomato Credits and save money is by maximizing discounts. Zomato offers various ways to earn rewards and maximize the benefits of your credits.

One strategy is to keep an eye on special promotions and offers that Zomato frequently runs. These promotions may include discounts on specific restaurants or cuisines, exclusive deals for credit card holders, or limited-time offers for new users.

Additionally, you can also earn extra credits by referring friends to sign up for Zomato or by participating in their loyalty programs.

Redeeming Zomato Credits for Gift Cards

By redeeming your Zomato Credits, you can obtain gift cards to further enhance your savings and dining experiences. Zomato offers the option to convert your credits into gift cards, allowing you to enjoy more benefits beyond discounts.

Here's how you can make the most of your Zomato Credits:

  • Using Zomato Credits for Restaurant Reservations:
  • Redeem your credits to book reservations at your favorite restaurants.
  • Enjoy priority seating and skip the waiting queue.
  • Converting Zomato Credits into Cash Rewards:
  • Exchange your credits for cash rewards that can be used at partner restaurants.
  • Get extra value for your credits and indulge in a wider range of dining options.

With Zomato gift cards, you can treat yourself or your loved ones to memorable dining experiences while maximizing your savings. Start redeeming your Zomato Credits today and elevate your dining adventures.

Tips and Tricks for Using Zomato Credits Effectively

Maximize the value of your Zomato Credits with these effective tips and tricks.

One way to save money with Zomato Credits is by using them during off-peak hours or on weekdays when restaurants may offer discounts or special promotions.

Another tip is to plan ahead and keep an eye out for exclusive deals and offers that are available only to Zomato Credit users.

Additionally, you can save money by sharing your Zomato Credits with friends and family. If you have accumulated a significant amount of credits, consider pooling them together with your loved ones for a larger dining experience.

By sharing your credits, you not only save money but also create memorable moments with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Transfer My Zomato Credits to Another User?

Yes, you can transfer your Zomato credits to another user. Simply go to the Zomato app, navigate to your credits section, and follow the instructions for redeeming and transferring your credits.

Are There Any Restrictions on Using Zomato Credits for Certain Types of Cuisine?

There aren't any restrictions on using Zomato credits for certain types of cuisine. You can use your credits to enjoy any type of food you want. It's one of the benefits of using Zomato credits for dining out. Additionally, you can earn more credits through referrals.

Can I Use Zomato Credits for Delivery Fees and Taxes?

Yes, you can use Zomato Credits for delivery fees and taxes. They can be applied towards your food orders, as well as restaurant reservations. Make the most of your credits!

Do My Zomato Credits Expire?

Yes, your Zomato credits do expire. They don't carry over to the next year. If you want to earn Zomato credits faster, you can refer friends to join or participate in promotional offers.

Can I Combine Zomato Credits With Other Discounts or Promotions?

Yes, you can combine your Zomato credits with other discounts or promotions. This means you can use your credits along with loyalty rewards and enjoy them for dine-in experiences.


In conclusion, using Zomato credits in 2023 is a convenient way to save money on your food orders. By understanding how to check your credits balance, apply them to your orders, and maximize their usage for discounts, you can make the most of this feature.

Additionally, you have the option to redeem your credits for gift cards, providing even more value. With these tips and tricks, you can effectively use Zomato credits to enhance your dining experience.

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